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  • 1. The terms "VOLINDO", "we", "us" and "our" refer to VOLINDO LTD, domiciled at *********************************. The term "You" refers to the user of the services offered by VOLINDO through the website
  • 2. VOLINDO is an online travel agency Software as a Services, whose technological platform allows a large number of tourism service providers (the "Provider/s") to offer and market their services to users, through Agents, who in turn can make inquiries about flights, accommodations, cars, cruises, activities and other tourism services (the "Tourism Service/s"), compare and book them in real time, and purchase them separately or in combination, accommodation, cars, cruises, activities and other tourist services (the "Tourist Service(s)"), compare and book such services in real time, and purchase them separately or in combination, thus creating and managing their own trip, in accordance with their personal needs. VOLINDO, being a Software as a Services (SaaS), provides a platform of services that, in turn, is operated by the Agents who have a contractual relationship with VOLINDO, therefore, services, products, experiences, transportation that you cannot observe directly on the online platform and that are only means of sale of the Agent, VOLINDO shall not be responsible for the fulfillment thereof, and the Agent shall be solely liable for them.
  • 3. VOLINDO is not the provider of the Tourist Services and does not act in the name and on behalf of the Providers, and therefore is not obligated -directly or indirectly- to the execution of the Tourist Service. When you contract Tourist Services through a VOLINDO Agent, you are entering into a contract directly with the Supplier that offers its Tourist Services through our Platform, in turn promoted by an Agent. VOLINDO acts as an intermediary between You and the Tourist Service Providers, and does not act in the name and on behalf of the Provider.
  • 4. By contracting Tourist Services through an Agent, through the VOLINDO platform, You guarantee and declare under formal oath that: (i) you are of legal age; (ii) you expressly accept these Terms and Conditions, which you have fully understood and expressly consent to use electronic means; (iii) you possess full capacity to enter into contracts; (iv) you only use the VOLINDO Platform to book or contract Tourist Services for You and/or for another person for whom You are authorized to act; (v) in case of acquiring services to/from Cuba, you are not a U.S. citizen or resident, nor are you subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; and (vi) all information you provide to VOLINDO is true, accurate, current and complete.
  • 5. These conditions are of a general nature that apply to the intermediation services provided by VOLINDO and in no way replace or modify the limitations of liability legally established in accordance with your country of residence, nor the special conditions that each Tourist Supplier has defined for its Tourist Services. Before contracting, please review directly the particular conditions of each Tourist Service and each Supplier. VOLINDO is not responsible for, nor does it have any influence on the particular conditions established by each Supplier for the provision of its Tourism Services.
  • 6. You expressly understand and accept that VOLINDO's intermediation activity in the marketing of Tourist Services does not guarantee that the chosen destination does not present risks to the health and integrity of persons. VOLINDO is not liable either directly or indirectly for any damage or loss that you or those traveling with you may suffer in any way before, during or as a consequence of the chosen destination. VOLINDO shall not be liable for events arising from acts of God or force majeure, including weather phenomena, acts of nature, trade union conflicts, among others, which may occur before or during the provision of the Tourist Service, and which may eventually delay, interrupt or prevent the execution thereof.
  • 7. Before confirming your purchase request and prior express acceptance of these General Conditions (the "Purchase Request"), we advise you to directly review the particular terms and conditions applicable to the Tourist Service you wish to hire. This way you will avoid surprises and will be able to enjoy your trip as planned. The terms and conditions of each Tourist Service are established by each Supplier without VOLINDO's interference. It is especially clarified that VOLINDO has no interference whatsoever in the collection of penalties by the Suppliers or rate differences in the case of being applicable, which shall depend on the terms and conditions of each Supplier.
  • 8. The sole use of the Platform implies acceptance of each and every one of the general and particular conditions included in these terms and conditions, which are considered a contract of adhesion, even if this document does not contain all the ordinary clauses of a contract. Reading and understanding them will allow you to better exercise your rights as a consumer. We suggest that you print them out and keep them with the rest of your travel documents. Remember to take note of the Purchase Request number that will appear on the screen when you confirm your request and/or in the purchase confirmation e-mail. This number identifies your transaction and will be essential for any clarification and/or management through VOLINDO.
  • 9. The VOLINDO platform operates through a series of periodical subscriptions which may be accessed by any professional in the niche called Agent or, failing that, by any person from the general public; therefore, VOLINDO shall not be held responsible for any bad actions or executions that may occur due to a misunderstanding of the platform, or abuse of the information contained therein, which contravenes what is actually stipulated by VOLINDO. The specific information of each of the subscriptions to the scope may be displayed on the "WEBSITE" and VOLINDO reserves the right to change or modify them at any time it deems appropriate without prior notice.
  • 10. As regards the Travel Agent Academy, VOLINDO makes available to the general public interested in becoming a qualified travel agent, a specialized course in marketing, sales techniques, promotion, research so that, at the end of the same, it may obtain a certificate endorsed by the competent authorities that will allow it to identify itself as a Travel Agent.
  • 11. VOLINDO also provides the digital marketing service through its platform that allows the User to advertise and receive leads to increase their income, and VOLINDO has no obligation to filter the quality of such leads, the limit of its responsibility covers solely and exclusively the number of leads provided due to the package requested.


When you make a Purchase Request at VOLINDO and/or confirm the reservation request with our telephone sales agent, you authorize us to manage your reservation and to charge your account or card. Please pay close attention to our subsequent telephone or electronic communications, where we will inform you about the progress and status of your Purchase Request. The successful completion of the reservation and/or the confirmation of the purchase depends on the full and timely payment of the price and/or tariff of all the Tourist Services. As long as the total payment of the reservation is not confirmed, the Purchase Request will be suspended and could be cancelled unilaterally by the Supplier, without liability for the latter. The definitive confirmation of the Tourist Services and respective prices shall be produced with the issuance of the electronic ticket(s) or the sending of the voucher -whichever applies- and its respective invoicing. In addition, for credit transactions, the requirements set by the issuing bank must be met. The issuance of the electronic ticket or voucher -whichever applies- attests the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Supplier and the conclusion of the contract entered into between the Supplier and the person/s whose name/s appear/s on such electronic ticket and/or voucher.
If the Purchase Request is subject to confirmation -which will be informed to you in the first email you receive- the amounts paid before confirmation will be received as a reservation. If your Purchase Request is finally rejected for any reason (for example, but not limited to, insufficient credit card balance, lack of availability, rate variation, etc.), VOLINDO shall inform you of the options available in case you wish to insist on the purchase or reservation or, at your request, shall refund the amounts paid.
If after entering your Purchase Request you do not receive an email with the purchase information, please check your Spam mailbox and/or enter My Account / My Booking or My Trips in the Platform with the Purchase Request number. From there you will be able to make arrangements and, in case of additional questions, you can contact the contact telephone numbers listed on the Platform.
You must enter all fields with accurate, complete, current and truthful data in order to make valid reservations of Tourist Services through VOLINDO. By entering your personal data in the Platform or declaring them via telephone, you declare that such data (the "Personal Data") are accurate, precise and truthful, and you assume the commitment to update such Personal Data as necessary. VOLINDO is not responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by you. You guarantee and are responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered. Remember that all your data must match exactly with the Travel Documentation.
You must provide an e-mail address in the "Contact Details" section or to the VOLINDO sales agent. This e-mail address is our means of contact with you. Please check that the email provided as a contact point is correct and be attentive to the information that will be sent to that email. It will be considered that You took timely knowledge of the confirmation of your Purchase Request or any inconvenience or variation to it with the sending of such information to the email provided by You. Keep in mind that, if the e-mail address you have provided contains any error, you will not receive essential communications for the management of your Purchase Request. In any case, you may call or log in to My Account (or through My Booking and/or My Trips) and follow up and/or manage all your Purchase Requests from there.
The information published on the VOLINDO Platform regarding prices, qualities and characteristics of the Tourist Services, their availability, conditions of sale, restrictions, cancellation or refund policies (among others) is established and provided by the Suppliers of the Tourist Services online and in real time. In its capacity as intermediary, VOLINDO informs you about the characteristics of the Tourist Services, manages your Purchase Requests with the Suppliers, collects, if applicable, the values corresponding to the rates and supports you in the search for solutions in the event of a concern or inconvenience. VOLINDO makes its best efforts to provide correct and accurate information, but is not responsible for errors (such as manifest and typographical errors), interruptions (due to temporary and/or partial server downtime or repairs), inaccuracies, misleading or false information emanating from the Suppliers of the Tourism Services. VOLINDO is not and should not be construed as a promoter of the quality, level of service and/or rating or classification of any Tourist Service available on the Platform. Likewise, VOLINDO is not responsible for the updating of costs and rates that may be adjusted by the SUPPLIERS in a matter of minutes, related to accommodations or means of transportation, which may be updated within a parameter of 5 to 30 minutes between each adjustment. We advise you to read the terms and conditions of the PROVIDERS as well as the comments of other passengers listed on the Platform to get advice on the chosen Tourist Service(s) and assess whether it meets your needs and expectations. The Platform may contain links and pointers to other Internet sites, resources and sponsors of the Platform. Links from the Platform (in any direction) to other third-party sites, maintained by third parties, do not constitute a recommendation by VOLINDO of any third party, their websites or the content thereof. VOLINDO may also provide tools to enable interaction between the Platform and a third-party site, such as a Social Network. VOLINDO is not responsible in any way for third party sites or resources, and your use of these sites and resources shall not be governed by these terms and conditions. VOLINDO may, at any time and at its sole discretion, obtain access to or use any profile or other information about You that You have provided to Facebook® and/or any other social network or third-party website ("Social Network"). In such case, you expressly consent to VOLINDO so that: (i) VOLINDO may access and disseminate on the Platform the information or content that forms part of Your public profile within the Social Network; (ii) The content of the public profile from the Social Network may be considered as generated by You on the Platform; and (iii) The public profile shall continue to be governed by the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Social Network of origin.
You have the duty to inform yourself responsibly about the legal and/or migratory documentation and/or health requirements that you or the persons traveling with you may need in order to travel as planned (the "Travel Documentation"). Check in advance the conditions of entry to the country of destination and/or transit, special conditions for visas, permits and/or passports, driver's licenses, vaccinations, permission for minors to leave the country of residence or other document requirements, both for the countries of destination and transit countries, even if it is a stopover and it is not necessary to leave the airport. If you require it and do not have it, make the necessary arrangements to obtain it in advance. The requirements may vary depending on the country of destination and/or transit and depending on your country of nationality and/or residence and/or the documentation you are traveling with. Remember that it is your responsibility to comply with all entry and/or transit requirements and/or documentation required by the immigration, customs and/or sanitary authorities of the country(ies) of destination and/or transit. We advise you to consult all the necessary requirements with the corresponding Embassy or Consulate before booking and departure.
When You book one or more Tourist Services through VOLINDO, you must pay (i) the price or rate set by the Supplier, (ii) the taxes, fees and/or fiscal charges applicable to the Tourist Service and, if applicable, (iii) the management fee for VOLINDO's intermediation service (the "Intermediation Fee"). Remember that VOLINDO acts in the name and on behalf of the Service Provider and that the values corresponding to the price or rate of the Tourist Services are transferred (endorsed) to the Provider. VOLINDO offers you different modalities to make and pay for your reservations of Tourist Services depending on the Service to be purchased, the Provider that provides it and the means used for payment. The means and methods of payment available for each Tourist Service are those informed on the Platform or by the agents prior to submitting your Purchase Request.
Please note that when you inform VOLINDO of your account or credit card information (through the form available on the Platform or to the telephone sales agent), and then accept or confirm the transaction, you are authorizing us to charge: (i) the Tourist Service rate (ii) any taxes, fees and/or fiscal charges that may apply and (iii) our Management Charges -if applicable-. If you make a reservation in installments and/or by credit card, please note that:
  • a.VOLINDO's Intermediation Fee (if applicable) may be applied in full on the first installment even though you have chosen the installment payment option for the remainder of the price or rate.
  • b.The interest and/or taxes that may be generated by the payment in installments are added to the price or rate proposed for the service, and said total is divided by the number of installments selected for the payment.
  • c.If you have agreed with your credit card issuer life insurance for debit balance or other charges that affect the total financial cost, remember to consult with your issuer about the validity, conditions and costs of such insurance or charges, which are naturally alien to VOLINDO and depend on and/or vary according to what you have agreed with each card issuer or operator. We recommend that you inform yourself about the conditions of use and interest rates of your credit card before using the installment payment method.
  • d.Should a cancellation be made after the purchase, provided that the particular conditions of the Tourist Service allow it, VOLINDO shall not reimburse or be liable for the interest generated by the original transaction, as long as VOLINDO does not receive such interest.
  • e.The price to be paid may be charged in local currency (Euros) or in dollars, depending on whether the services are local or foreign. In the event of being charged in dollars, the charge shall be made against the international quota of your card. In any case, whatever the currency of charge, the rate or price will be the one that was informed to you and that was accepted by you. Remember that, when dealing with international transactions, some banks and credit card companies impose certain charges, in addition to taxes, which may apply in accordance with the relevant foreign law. In addition, your bank may convert prices into local currency and charge a conversion fee. It may happen that the exchange rate used by the bank is different from the one presented on the Platform, so You may experience a variation between the amount charged by the bank and the amount reported on the Platform. The bank determines the exchange rate and the international transaction fee. In case of doubts about the exchange rate and fee applied to your reservation, please contact your bank.
  • f.Each transaction is subject to anti-fraud verification processes. One of them consists of making a charge equivalent to 1 Euro in the Euro quota of your card under operation host located in England (UK), with the purpose of verifying the identity and international validity of the card. The charge and reversal process can be visualized in the customer's account statement and does not generate charges or additional costs for you, since once identity and validity are confirmed, the charge is reversed (cancelled).
  • g.For certain destinations, the Tourist Service Provider may charge You directly for the contracted Tourist Service. In such cases, VOLINDO shall so indicate at the time of purchase and You shall receive an invoice issued by such Supplier. Please note that, in these cases, the charge will be made by your credit card in Euros for the amount in such currency indicated in the payment details.
If you do not show up to use your reservation on the date and time indicated (or arrive late), this is known in the tourism market as a No Show and you will not have the right to demand a full or partial refund of the amount paid. If you are not going to use your reservation in whole or in part, or if you are going to arrive late to use your reservation, we recommend that you inform VOLINDO in advance in order to be aware of the applicable restrictions.
According to current U.S. regulations, travel to Cuba for tourist activities is prohibited for citizens, residents or persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction. This rule has some exceptions (such as, but not limited to, family visits; official work for the U.S. government, foreign governments and some non-governmental organizations; journalistic activity; research and professional meetings; etc.). VOLINDO does not currently have the resources to verify these exceptions during the online purchase process, so we are not currently in a position to offer this destination to citizens who fall under these exceptions. More information at services-en/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens-en/viajes-a-cuba/