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Add Any Supplier You Have a Contract with in Minutes, and Manage Payments with Ease

We understand that as a travel agent, you may work with suppliers who are not yet available on our advanced search engines.

To accommodate this, we've developed a feature that enables you to add your own suppliers directly into our platform. By simply filling out a straightforward form, you can quickly and easily add the individuals you collaborate with to your personal area.

Your customers will benefit from secure payment methods without any disruption, and you'll be able to manage your expenses and income on a single, user-friendly page. Orders placed by your suppliers will be recorded in your CRM, allowing you to send price offers, receive payments, and even cancel orders with the click of a button.

With this new feature, you'll have the freedom to add any supplier you work with, and streamline your business operations in one convenient location.
Our platform is designed to make the process as simple and efficient as possible, so you can focus on what matters most.