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Flexible Plans for Every Type of Travel Business

  • Up to 5 bookings per month
  • 1 user account
  • Expanded profile customization options
  • Up to 25 bookings per month
  • 1 user account
  • Up to 10% better pricing than the Starter plan
  • 5 posts per month in the marketing library
  • Up to 15% better pricing
  • 3 user accounts
  • Up to 100 bookings per month
  • 15 posts per month in the marketing library
  • Up to 20% better pricing
  • Unlimited bookings per month
  • 7 user accounts with role-based access control
  • + 10 usd each user

Complete Feature List

Bookings per month
Up to 25
Up to 100
User accounts
1 user account
1 user accounts
3 user accounts
7 user accounts with role-based access control, + 10 usd each user
Access CRM features
Basic CRM features
Basic CRM features
Advanced rinculding eporting and analytics
All CRM features
Access to basic pricing
Up to 10% better
Up to 15% better
Up to 20% better
Profile customization options
Expanded + profile branding and design options
Expanded + Fully customized profile branding
Personal account manager
2 meetings per month
Weekly 1:1 meetings
Weekly 1:1 meetings X3
Daily 1:1 meetings
Marketing library
5 posts per month
15 posts per month
30-50 posts per month
Support for your travelers
Priority support
24/7 priority support for you and your customers
Appear on Volindo Marketplace
attract up to 30%
Maximum Appearance, up to 50% more
Quarterly business review with a personal account manager
+Advanced machine learning and AI algorithms for recommendations strategies
Participate in Perks & Rewards programs
Premium access to Perks & Rewards programs
Discount on marketing courses.
Up to 30%
Up to 70%
Up to 90%
Access to private webinars and VIP channels
+Monthly business reviews with deep insights, analytics, performance tracking
VIP travel experiences and networking opportunities
+exclusive invitations to industry events and conferences.
Volindo Coins
5x more
10X more +exclusive VIP benefits
Exclusive access to premium perks and rewards programs
Customizable commission rates for your bookings
+ and personalized contract negotiation support


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Flights Ticketing

Suppliers Managment

Social Agent Profile

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